light table

visitor counter

noise line

error circle

DISplay - np3 - Groningen NL, june 2017

light table - 2017




12 fluorescent tubes are placed in a regular pattern on a wooden support. a small computer lights and dims each tube in a continuous fade, maintaining a unique frequency for every tube.


12 pickups close to the power lines register the current flow to the tubes. their signals are amplified and made audible through 12 loudspeakers, one for each pickup.


visitor counter - 2014


object with a digital number display


touching the object will increment the number

the object counts how many times it was touched

noise line - 2017




8 loudspeakers are laid out in a coincidental pattern on the floor. under this floor a virtual plane of noise is constantly moving. each speaker acts as a virtual hole in the floor. through these holes the movement can be heard.

FMI, Groningen NL, December 2015

error circle - 2015




a small computer generates two sinusoid signals. these signals control horizontal and vertical position of a light dot on the screen of an oscilloscope. the oscilloscope image is captured by a video camera and projected on the wall.


the sine waves that create the image are added and fed to an audio amplifier.